Hello, World!

Hello, World and welcome to my new blog. I'm a gacha gamer, web developer, music enthusiast and Linux user (currently Fedora 36) from Germany 🇩🇪

About Me

I currently play Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane. In the past I have also played MMOs such as Tera, MapleStory 2 and spent plenty of hours grinding in Diablo 3 Seasons as a Crusader or Necromancer. I grew up with a Gameboy Advance (and later NDSlite) for consoles with Pokemon Emerald and Custom Robo Arena being my childhood favorites.

I often listen to music while pretty much doing anything from gaming to coding or taking a walk, currently mostly Melodic Death Metal (bands such as Be'lakor, Mors Principium Est, In Mourning and Swallow The Sun). Outside of Metal I've listened to EDM a lot during the early rise of Monstercat and found favorite genres in Drum&Bass, Future Bass and Hardstyle. I also occasionally listen to J-Rock/Pop and Dark Rock.

As a developer

I got started with coding as a kid with AutoIT3, later learning HTML/CSS and eventually PHP as I developed an interest for Web Development. About a decade ago I made the effort to learn JavaScript and jQuery to be able to provide better applications such as my Damage Calculator for Generation 3 of Pokemon. In 2019 I switched to Linux (then Kubuntu 19.04LTS) and also learned about Node.js and Bash scripting.

These days I write all sites in React (although I still wanna try svelte soon! Might rewrite the old Damage Calc?) in either ES2021 JavaScript or TypeScript depending on the scale of the project. For bundlers I like using rollup/vite or Next.js if I want to use more complex server functions.

In the future I'd like to learn more about backend technologies (got a good overview of Redis so far) and learn a "real" programming language (likely Rust). I have a Trello Board where I keep track of ideas and my progress with learning new things.

About this blog

As the Hero subtitle on the Landing Page says, my plan here is to post rants and guides for games I play and coding stuff. If you'd like to be informed about new posts feel free to join my Discord Server.

This blog is written in TypeScript using Next.js and unified. Although I am mostly using mostly publically available plugins, I chose to wrote a custom auto-sections plugin for my processor:

export const processor = unified()
  .use(remarkFrontmatter, ["yaml"])
  .use(remarkExtractFrontmatter, { yaml: YAML.parse, remove: true })
  .use(remarkTwemoji, { ext: ".svg", folder: "svg" })
  .use(remarkPrism, { plugins: ["autolinker", "diff-highlight"] })
  .use(remarkRehype, { allowDangerousHtml: true })
  .data("settings", { quote: '"', preferUnquoted: false })
  .use(rehypeLinks, { target: false, rel: ["noopener", "noreferrer"] })
  .use(rehypeStringify, { allowDangerousHtml: true });

To display the pre-processed posts I use rehype:

export function renderer(content) {
  const rendered = rehype()
    .data("settings", { fragment: true })
    .use(rehypeReact, {
      createElement, // React.createElement
      Fragment, // React.Fragment
      components: { a: AutoLink, section: Section }

  return rendered.result;

Currently all pages are statically generated, but I do have plans to implement a search function in the future, which will likely use API Routes and Server-Side Rendering, thus the use of Next.js.



Latest Posts

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With the arrival of the 6th Anniversary as well as Lostbelt 6 many players are unsure whether to prioritise Koyanskaya or Oberon. Should you roll for the enabler of the Buster Reloading meta Koyanskaya of Light or the NP Damage support Oberon?